Nothing Further.

A performance exhibit

What happens when a culture of shame leads to a mysterious death and the revealing of a secret life?

Nothing Further, a performance exhibit, examines the relationship between a daughter and father, a Vietnam veteran who lived with PTSD, and how it affected their family, the community, and subsequent generations. Based on a true story, Grundei’s one-woman multimedia performance explores secrets, family history, generational trauma, gender identity, and the need to keep up appearances.

“Nothing Further came from the police report that was filed after the investigation of my father’s death had been completed,” says Grundei. “The last two words on the report read, ‘Nothing further.’ As audiences will discover, however, there is much more to explore and investigate in this piece.”

Multimedia performance exhibit Nothing Further from creators
Meridith Grundei and Brian Freeland | Performed by Meridith Grundei
Premiered on June 30th, 2022 at Culture Lab, LiC

Meet the creative team:

Meridith Grundei - Creator/ Performer

Brian Freeland - Creator/ Director/ Designer

Gary Grundei - Composer

Darius-Anthony Robinson - Choreographer

Mackenzie Sherburne - Docent

Danny Bristoll - Photographer/ Videographer/ Boots on the ground

If you are involved with a producing organization and feel that Nothing Further would be a good fit for your programming, or if you would like to stay in touch about the continued development of Nothing Further and added to a mailing list, please contact Meridith Grundei here:

This production has been made possible by the generous support of:

An extraordinary thanks to the following amazing and supportive humans who made this production possible: Mara Jill Hermann, Emily McGill, Samantha Dyar, Robb Sapp, Robert Morgan, Stephanie Cozart, Bradford Rosenbloom, Joseph Bennett, Eli Hans, Catherine Freeland, Melissa Center, Tess Howsman, Tana Sirois, Katie Cassis, Harper Grundei and Culture Lab.